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Unlike specialists the GPs are kind of the doctors who treat the diseases and the illness when these are at their beginning. The GPs diagnosis the disease and if he thinks that it is a minor one and can be treated easily then he himself performs the treatment but in other cases when he thinks that some specialist is required for this then he instructs the patient to visit one. These are the one who do not treat any special kind of the organs and have studied medical but did not perform any specialization.

What are the educational criteria to be a GP?

GPs are a complete doctor as well and therefore, like every other doctor they also require the medical degree along with the training to practice as the GP. The medical degree is the standard degree of five years. It is not easy to even enter in to this medical degree because you need a good record in your A levels. After the completion of the medical degree then every GP in Kensington needs to have a training of two year and then afterwards another kind of the training program which is of the period of three years. Along with all these trainings the GP doctors aim to acquire the memberships for the respected GP colleges and institutes. Although it is not always compulsory to have a medical background in the A levels to get an admission in the medical degree. Therefore, in order to become GP, you need to go through all these stages and it will certainly take time and efforts as well.

What is the skill sets of the GP?

Apart from the education and the intense and long training there are certain personality attributes that help the GP excel in their field and not only excel but help the GP to enjoy his work as well. The work of the GP requires long hours and not only they need to work long hours but they need to work under great pressure as well, therefore, it is important that you have the right stamina and calm personality so that you do not get panic under such situations. The job of the doctors is all about the practical work, there are role of the theories as well but only when you are prescribing medicines. The examination is usually physical and therefore, the GP must have good skills in performing practical work. Apart from these, communication is something which GP requires all the time. A doctor can never understand the disease of the patient unless he talks to them and figures out their problems.