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Tips For Keeping Good Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is something that all of us are conscious about even if in a miniscule way. You want your smile to look straight and white when you are posing for a selfie or with friends, you want your breath to smell fine even after eating garlic (which is nigh impossible), and you want your gums to look healthy and not ugly and et cetera. But as is with the body, oral hygiene needs a lot of working out and good diets for actually becoming reality. So here are some ideas to exercise on your way to achieving healthy oral hygiene.
Firstly fix your diet
For the tea and coffee chuggers, this might come as bad news; but caffeine has a tendency to yellow your beautiful enamel and turn it an ugly yellow. Along with coffee and tea, cigars, cigarettes and red wine are on the list of ‘not-so-good- for good oral hygiene. If you love dark fruit juices, colas and types of gravy, better limit yourself before it ends up as tar on your enamel. Although you do not need to exercise abstinence from these foods (especially if they are your favorites then you need to take precautions early on after consuming these foods to limit the effects on your enamel. So immediately brushing, using mouthwash or a bleacher, eating and apply or chewing gum can actually help a bit in reducing the adverse effects a bit and help with teeth whitening. 

When brushing, clean your tongue as well
Although some people believe it to be a myth, cleaning your tongue is essential for oral hygiene. Use a tongue scraper, or even your toothbrush, to get rid of the plaque buildup on your tongue every morning and after a meal. It freshens up your breath like no other remedy in the market, according to cosmetic dentist Collins Street. The buildup of bacteria on your tongue is a major cause for bad breath in people and using a tongue scraper is effective than using a toothbrush for the issues.
Toothbrush replacement on a monthly basis
You will need to get rid of your toothbrush or the head of the electric toothbrush on a monthly or basis or at least every two months. Everything that you are removing from your mouth ends up in your toothbrush and if you keep using the same one for a long time, instead of removing bacteria your toothbrush will start planting bacteria
Make sure you are practicing good brushing techniques and eating a healthy diet that is good for your oral hygiene as well. If you are brushing in a wrong manner then it will only worsen the issues that pile up on your mouth.